Nationalists: 'Stop NIF Indoctrination in IDF'

Young leadership sections of nationalist parties to cooperate against politicized IDF Education Corps seminars that teach about "Nakba."

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The young leadership sections of four nationalist parties will cooperate in fighting against IDF seminars that impart controversial political messages to the participants. The seminars are reportedly sponsored by the New Israel Fund.

According to publications last week, the seminars and workshops about "social justice" are directed at reservists, cadets at Officer Training School and combat soldiers in regular service.

The seminars are based on "the Palestinian narrative" and preach "coexistence." Terms such as "the occupation," "the Nakba" and "the Holocaust of 1948" are regularly employed by the lecturers. 

Many soldiers complain about the seminars, but the complaints apparently fall on deaf ears, as senior officers fear that their future promotion could be blocked if they come out against the seminars.

The seminars reportedly also place an emphasis on a Reform-Jewish outlook as the enlightened form of Judaism, while describing Orthodox Judaism as old fashioned and calcified. In addition, Arab spokesmen who describe Israel as a racist occupier are given the stage. 

The young leadership sections of the four parties have sent letters to the Chief Education Officer and to other officers, co-signed by Knesset Members, asking that the matter be dealt with posthaste.

Ariel Moreli, Chairman of Likud's Young Generation, said: "We need to put an end to the absurd situation in which the IDF uses the services of an organization that regularly opposes it, its path and its soldiers."

Liran Cohen of Yisrael Beiteinu's Youth added: "It's absurd that the Education Corps lends a hand to lies and delusions that do not jibe with reality. I have experienced attempted brainwashing under the Education Corps and I will fight to make this phenomenon disappear."