Migron Spokesman: It’s Not Over Yet

Migron spokesman Itai Hemo slams decision to demolish three homes in the community but promises: "It's not over for Migron."

Elad Benari,

Samaria residents

Itai Hemo, spokesman for the Binyamin community of Migron in which three homes were demolished late on Sunday night, slammed the decision on Monday.

“Anyone who shows up in the middle of the night and removes children from their homes in their pajamas must fear justice,” Hemo told Arutz Sheva.

Hemo said that leftist organizations backed by cabinet ministers are leading a policy of destruction of permanent structures to which a claim of ownership exists.

He reminded how the leftist NGO Yesh Din claimed in court that the three buildings that were demolished Sunday had been built on private Arab land and the state responded that the buildings must be demolished. He noted, however, that the residents proved in their response that the three buildings were built on different lots than the ones Yesh Din had claimed were private land. This proof caused Yesh Din to withdraw its petition when its people realized that there was a fundamental error in their case.

“Despite all this the homes were destroyed,” Hemo said. “When you own the justice system like Yesh Din does, you can keep a bluff going.”

Referring to the interim junction issued by the Supreme Court just as the bulldozers were ready to start destroying, Hemo said this order was issued at the request of the local residents based on a claim of human rights.

“We knew we cannot trust the government ministers who freeze and destroy, so we made a petition based on human rights,” he said. “Anywhere else it would have held, but here it held for a mere hour and a half. They woke up [Supreme Court President] Justice Beinisch from her ​​sleep and she ordered the demolition to continue anyway.”

“When there is a lust for destruction one does not need a legal explanation to destroy homes,” he added. “The question we should ask ourselves now is how we pay taxes to such a state.”

Hemo promised that “The struggle is not over. There is a demolition order for the entire community by the end of 2012 and we hope that the lust for destruction has been minimally fulfilled so as to prevent further demolitions. There is still a living and prosperous community here.”

He said that the residents of Migron have presented required legal documents presenting their claim and that court has yet to respond to these documents.