Journalist: People Hate Sarah Netanyahu

Gonen Ginat, editor of the Yisrael Hayom newspaper about the Sarah Netanyahu affair: They want to hurt the PM through his wife.

Elad Benari,

Sarah Netanyahu and her father
Sarah Netanyahu and her father
Arutz Sheva photo: Flash 90

Journalist Gonen Ginat, editor of the Yisrael Hayom newspaper, addressed on Wednesday the latest media assault on the prime minister’s wife, Sarah Netanyahu.

Gonen asserted in an interview with Arutz Sheva that some people in Israel simply hate Sarah Netanyahu.

“There are some people who have a pathological hatred for Sarah Netanyahu,” he said. “I heard one claim that talking about the case in the media is legitimate since it deals with the leaders of Israel, but I wonder how and when did Sarah Netanyahu suddenly become the leader of Israel?”

Israel’s news outlets have devoted extensive coverage to the allegations that Sarah Netanyahu was involved in a confrontation with a Nepalese woman who took care of her aged father, and then fired her.

The woman claims that she was startled when Netanyahu shouted at her over her negligence in taking care of her father, and as a result fell and broke a finger. Netanyahu claims that the woman injured herself, and that she habitually lies down deliberately on the floor and thrashes in a tantrum when she is enraged.

Gonen said that Sarah Netanyahu is one of the most devoted people he knows.

“Her dedication in taking care of her parents is something unusual,” he said. “I come from a society that values the way children treat their parents and I can tell you that Sarah Netanyahu is extraordinary. I have a relative who was once hospitalized at Hadassah and she told me Sarah Netanyahu was lying beside her in the hospital. I checked and found out that at the time Sarah Netanyahu was attached 24 hours to her late mother who was in the hospital, so they thought she herself was hospitalized. It’s a true story of extraordinary dedication.”

It should be noted that the newspaper Gonen edits, Yisrael Hayom, is the only major Israeli news outlet that is not openly hostile to Netanyahu.  Yisrael Hayom is published by billionaire Sheldon Adelson who is considered close to the Prime Minister.

Gonen said it was time to do true justice to the prime minister’s wife.

“Her positive actions also need to be made public,” he said. “I am convinced that in this case, her father, Shmuel Ben-Artzi, would not have reached such an old age [Shmuel Ben-Artzi is 96 –ed.] without her devoted care. It’s not easy to keep a sick father at home. Those people have nothing to say against the prime minister so they are looking to attack him through his wife. I do not understand how a woman can be attacked when it is clear that the background for the story is her devoted care of her father.”