Canada: Holy Books Used for Cigarettes

Canadian journalist reports: prisoners used Bible to roll cigarettes, hide weapons.

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Bible (illustrative)
Bible (illustrative)
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Several prisoners in British Columbia, Canada used copies of the Bible to roll cigarettes and store contraband, according to the Vancouver Sun.

Prison services officials found that incidents of Bible desecration increased following a 2008 order that forbade prisoners to smoke. Most of the desecrated books had pages torn out to roll makeshift cigarettes.

Other books had holes carved out in order to store contraband items.

Prisoners in Canada are allowed to request a religious text of their choice, and can usually obtain a free Bible as well. However, Director of Operations for Corrections Terry Hackett said that those who misuse the books will have them seized as contraband.

The items most commonly seized as contraband included weapons, food and drugs. Prison officials also seized a variety of bizarre items, among them a new snow tire, a Nazi calendar, and a crab trap.