Gas Prices to Rise Again

Gasoline prices are set to rise again this week due to a rise in the gas tax.

Chana Ya'ar,

Taxi cabs are protesting in Tel Aviv
Taxi cabs are protesting in Tel Aviv
Arutz Sheva: Flash 90

Gasoline prices are set to rise again this week. The rise is due to a rise in the gasoline excise tax, at 20 agurot a liter.
However, drivers are not expected to feel a major impact at the pumps, due to lower oil prices.

The price was originally set to rise in August, but was delayed due to protests over the high price of gasoline by taxi drivers.

Cabbies in Tel Aviv especially complained bitterly about the hike. They expressed their outrage by blocking traffic in demonstrations on the highway near the Azrieli Towers and elsewhere, twice in the month of August..

The Finance Ministry claimed in its annual budget and revenue report present in January that Israel ended 2010 with a much smaller deficit than expected. However, part of that was due to raised gasoline taxes, which hit a record high on January 1 and gave Israel the fifth highest gas price in the world. Those raised taxes led to street protests and a Knesset debate.

Israelis were walloped in the pocket again a month later with a price hike at the pumps 6.41 percent for a liter of 95 octane gasoline.

In addition, the cost of travel at that time rose for commuters on public transportation as well, with passengers on bus lines paying an average of 20 agorot more per ride across the country.