Hundreds Pay Respect to Grad Missile Victim

Hundreds came to pay their final respects to 38-year-old Yossi Shushan, who was killed in a Grad attack on the city of Be’er Sheva.

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Elad Benari,

Grad Katyusha impact site, Beersheva
Grad Katyusha impact site, Beersheva
Arutz Sheva: Hatzolah Rescue Service

Hundreds of people came on Sunday to the cemetery in Ofakim to pay their final respects to 38-year-old Yossi Shushan, who was killed in a Grad missile attack on the city of Be’er Sheva Saturday night.

Shushan had spent the Sabbath in Ofakim with his father and became worried about his wife, nine months pregnant, after hearing the air raid sirens, and decided to travel to Be’er Sheva to be with her.  He did not make it into the house she was in before the rocket hit and his wife identified his body minutes after he was killed. The couple had two young daughters and were eagerly awaiting the birth of their first son.

During the funeral on Sunday, Shushan’s wife, Lilach, who had been brought in on a stretcher, fainted and received treatment from paramedics who were on scene.

MK Yitzchak Herzog (Labor) was the Knesset representative at the funeral at the request of Shushan’s family.

In his eulogy, Herzog addressed Lilach, saying, “Be strong for your children, your loved ones. The nation is with you in your grief. Your husband was a fitness trainer for youth at risk, and he will be remembered as the man who gave them hope for a better future.

“We say to the murderers, we will never surrender. We will defeat you like we defeated Amalek,” added Herzog.

Earlier on Sunday, authorities allowed for publication the information that 56-year-old Yitzchak Sela of Be'er Sheva was the driver of the otherwise empty bus that was blown up by a suicide bomber during Thursday afternoon's terror attacks along the Israeli-Egyptian border, north of Eilat.

The 55-year-old father of four and grandfather of three was listed as missing for three days due to the severe damage to his body, which was only identified on Sunday. Hundreds of people participated in his funeral, Sunday evening.

The video below is a memorial video for Yossi Shushan z”l prepared by his colleagues at the organization with which he volunterred as a trainer.