Michoel Pruzanski - From MBC to MP3, From Choir to Solo Album

Michoel Pruzanski was in Israel to promote his third album, M.P.3.

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MP3 Album Cover
MP3 Album Cover
Arutz Sheva photo: PR

Michoel Prozanski is out with his third album, an album which gets the catchy name M.P.3. – fitting for a singer whose initials are M.P and who is releasing his third album.

Prozanski came to Israel to present his new album and told Arutz Sheva of his experience in the field of music from the days when he was a young singer in the famous and popular Miami Boys Choir.

“It’s obviously a big difference, singing as a child with the Miami Boys Choir and my career alone,” Prozanski said. “The differences are huge.”

Jewish music these days is something that is sometimes even hard to define, as so many musical influences are felt in every album and each song. But Prozanski said he likes to make sure his music doesn’t cross a certain line.

“I, for one, like to see the freshness of Jewish music but to a point where it doesn’t go beyond a certain line, so that’s why I try to keep my music exciting yet Yiddish at the same time,” he said. “I’m not particularly happy when Jewish music pushes the envelope a little bit past the barrier that it’s supposed to go.”

Prozanski stays within that barrier by taking advice from musical consultants. He lets them listen to the song and advise him on whether they think it is the right song from him to perform.

When preparing an album these days, one should always think of some gimmick or extra value, and so Prozanski included two video clips in his last album, M.P.3.

“I have two video clips on the actual disc,” he said. “You put it in your computer and it will load up. These are two music videos that are really from my last album but I felt a lot of people hadn’t seen them. One is a very funny music video and the other is a very powerful and emotional video, based on the story of a person who was saved from the Sbarro pizzeria bombing and was saved once again from the Twin Towers disaster.”