Ambush Victim: Thank G-d My Kids are Alright

"We did not panic, we told the children 'Quick, put your heads down,'" a woman named Sarah told a TV crew.

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Gil Ronen,

Sarah (last name unknown)
Sarah (last name unknown)
Channel 1

A woman named Sarah, whose family was fired upon in the combined terror attack Thursday described the event a short time later, in an interview with Channel 1 television. 

"We were driving on the Uvda road to Eilat and my husband was looking at one of the Egyptian guard posts and he saw one of the soldiers assuming a prone position. He told me – 'Look at that soldier and what he's doing – we thought at first he was about to pray. A few seconds went by and… I thought someone was throwing rocks at us… we heard this boom-boom-boom… We did not panic, we told the children 'Quick, put your heads down, get down as low as you can. A few seconds later we heard that a bus was hit.'" 
"We were lucky, thank G-d, that we only had two children with us. If all the children had come on the trip who knows what would have happened," she added.
It appeared from the interview that the woman's children were not seriously hurt. She herself seemed completely unscathed.
The woman, who seemed to be in her 30s, showed her car to the television crew. Its windows had been shot up but the bullets that hit the doors did not penetrate the vehicle.