Bus Driver Kept His Cool

Benny Bilevsky, driver of Egged 392 bus,did not panic, stepped on the gas and saved lives.

Gil Ronen ,

Egged bus that was fired on.
Egged bus that was fired on.
Channel 1

The driver of the Egged # 392 bus that was attacked in the first stage of the multi-pronged attack in the south is credited with saving lives by speeding up and driving away from the scene. Driver Benny Bilevsky was unhurt.

Passengers on the bus reported a few soldiers on board attempted to fire back at the terrorists as the bus sped away. The driver's quick thinking and decision to speed away, authorities say, certainly saved lives.
Seven passengers were lightly to moderately hurt. Twenty-five more were treated for traumatic shock.
The driver said that there were many soldiers on the bus, some of them on leave and some on their way to their bases.
He described two "Egyptian soldiers" in camouflage uniforms who fired at the bus with rifles. These were apparently terrorists.
"There was shouting on the bus, crying and shock," he said. "I drove as fast as I could and I hope that this is what saved the passengers. Magen David Adom [emergency medical] crews arrived on the scene and treated the wounded."
There were also reports that a vehicle blocked the bus's way and that three people in blue coveralls came out and began firing at the bus. This report does not jibe with the reports about Egyptian soldiers in camouflage uniforms.