Biblical Story of Moses Adapted into Facebook

The Biblical life of Moses now is in a Facebook game, which may cause shudders to traditionalists but could help the uninformed.

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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu ,

Moses on Facebook
Moses on Facebook
Arutz Sheva: Hexify

The Biblical life of Moses now is part of a Facebook game, which may cause shudders to traditionalists, but might help educate the uninformed and bring people closer to religion.

The California-based Hexify company announced Tuesday that the “Journey of Moses” game uses graphics and music “while telling the story of a very important historical figure” in a Bible-based game.

"Weaving throughout ancient Egypt and the Middle East, the Journey of Moses is a fun, immersive adventure game, complete with complex characters, engaging quests, puzzles and mysteries," said Brent Dusing, CEO of Hexify.

He said players can “experience the many twists and turns as they explore milestones in the life of Moses – from growing up in the king's house as an Egyptian to his exile in the wilderness. Then, after an encounter at the burning bush, Moses' life is changed and he eventually leads the Israelites out of Pharaoh's rule.”

A caricature of Moses shows him holding the Ten Commandments, with Hebrew letters, but the leader of the Jewish People on their way to the Land of Israel is depicted in a style far different from the usual image of long-bearded man with a serious face.

The creators of the game show Moses with a large white moustache, a short beard and bushy eyebrows.  

Dusing said that the game is “meant to be fun, but respectful to the content and appropriate for the gravity of the story." Not everyone will necessarily agree.

It shows the daughter of Pharaoh picking up Moses as baby and later represents him as stammering, based on the Biblical passage in which he tells G-d he is “not a man of words” and has a “heavy mouth and a heavy tongue,” sometimes interpreted as meaning he could not speak clearly.   One deeper interpretation states that he was not able to communicate his thoughts as well as he wished.

The game also notes later that Moses was "powerful in speech and in action."