Pakistan's Musharraf Plans Comeback

Pakistan's former President General Pervez Musharraf is planning campaign for his old job in his countries 2013 general election.

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Pervez Musharraf
Pervez Musharraf


Former President of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf is planning a comeback in the next general election with the slogan ‘Peace, Employment, Education and Justice'.
"Pakistan is in acute danger these days and there is need to focus on these four main issues to save the country," Musharraf said at a function in Dubai on Sunday organised by his All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) to celebrate Pakistan's Independence Day.
Musharraf said the political anarchy, economic downturn, poverty, unemployment, soaring prices of commodities, shortage of power, deteriorating law and order situation, corruption, nepotism and black market have thrown the Pakistan into deep crises. He noted that Pakistan has been isolated internationally with no respect due to its corrupt rulers.
Musharraf headed and led an administrative military government from October 1999 till August 2007. He ruled Pakistan as Chief Executive from 1999–2001 and as President from 2001-08. In the face of impeachment, he resigned on 18 August 2008.
Despite his own near-impeachment Musharraf urged the Pakistani people to play their role to change the political status-quo in the country and vote out the current rulers.
"Give me another chance and I promise with you to bring about positive change in Pakistan and save the country," he said while raising his fist in the air —his trade mark action when he delivers an emotional speech. 
"If I succeed, I will hand over the country to the youth - the future of Pakistan," he said.
Musharraf's who was clad in green ‘shalwar kameez', Pakistan's national dress, and white coat, was greeted with slogans by more than 1,500 people who attended the function. He came to the function along with his wife Sahba Pervez who was also wearing green and white dress suiting the Independence Day.
Musharraf has already announced his intention to return to Pakistan on March 23 to in a bid to pitch his party as an alternate political force during the next elections due in 2013.
Pakistan's "Political status-quo will change only if we change the political culture in Pakistan and bring APML as alternate political power in Pakistan," Musharraf said.
Musharraf is banking on the votes of youth and those who have never voted in Pakistan elections. 
"I want you to come forward and vote for a positive change in your country," he told his audience his said in the assertive tone suited to his former military rank.
Musharraf noted that sectarianism, ethnic violence and provincialism are the order of the day in Pakistan, while mosques and madrassas are being used for extremism.