World's Largest Stove Destroyed By Fire

A landmark at the Michigan state fairgrounds -- the world's largest stove -- was destroyed by fire over the weekend.

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World's Largest Stove
World's Largest Stove
Michigan state fair
A fire destroyed the world's largest stove Saturday, a Michigan landmark standing at the Michigan state fairgrounds.
Fire investigators believe lightning sparked the fire Saturday night. The stove was a total loss.
Built by the Michigan Stove Company, it was first displayed at the World's Fair in Chicago in 1893.
The oak stove weighed 15 tons and stood 25 feet high.
In 1998, the dismantled stove was pulled out of storage and reassembled at the fairgrounds along Woodward. 
Before the automotive boom, Detroit was home to five major stove-making companies, and was called the Stove Capital of the World.