Report from North London: Jews Unhurt

Yerucham Raskin of Chabad House near Tottenham says synagogues and Jewish-owned stores have not been harmed so far.

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Gil Ronen,

Burnt down store, Tottenham
Burnt down store, Tottenham
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Synagogues and Jewish-owned stores have not been harmed in the rioting in north London, according to Yerucham Raskin of the Chabad House that is situated in the vicinity of the disturbances.

Raskin said that the large hareidi religious population of north London continues to walk freely in the streets but that they are staying clear of the trouble spots, as advised. "We have full cooperation with the police, there are also security companies that work shoulder to shoulder with the security forces, so we have no interest in creating the illusion that we are on the side of the protesters."
"The authorities called upon business owners to shut down their stores in the early afternoon," Raskin told Arutz Sheva's Hebrew-language service. "The sights are not easy on the eyes. Smashed store windows, stores empties of computers and televisions. Burnt down businesses."
Tottenham's Hassidic residents were warned by Rabbi Efraim Padua a few days ago to stay away from the rioting. His message said: "We have been advised by the local police to warn all members of the community not to be present in any shape or form in the areas surrounding the current riots, as being seen in the vicinity can have a negative effect. May a blessing reach to all those honouring this request."
Raskin said the rioters are "mostly black" and youths aged 14 or 15.