Hizbullah Slams UN Human Rights Council Report

Hizbullah slammed the UN Human Rights Council for a report saying its members murdered Syrian soldiers who deserted the Assad regime.

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Flag of Hizbullah terror group
Flag of Hizbullah terror group
Arutz Sheva: Wikimedia Commons

Hizbullah slammed Sunday a United Nations Human Rights Council report saying its members were involved in the mass murder of Syrian soldiers who deserted the regime.

Radio France, citing an as-yet unpublished report from a United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, reported over the weekend that Hizbullah terrorists, as well as members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, had killed Syrian Army defectors.

Hizbullah called the UN study a fabrication and part of a wider plot against it.

“Hizbullah has already issued many statements denying the claims from the Syrian opposition, as well as other parties, on Hizbullah’s interference in the events taking place,” the terror organization said in its statement.

“Hizbullah condemns these false accusations – which are not based on facts – and sees in them proof that some international organizations are joining the conspiracy targeting these forces that are against the Zionist-American project in the region,” it added.

“Hizbullah believes that [the accusations] reveal the depth of this conspiracy and its wide expansion to such an extent that many international actors are now involved in it,” the statement added, referring to the UN.

Radio France said the 20-page report will be published in the coming days, and includes testimonies from former Syrian Army members.

The UNHCR report will, according to Radio France, say that those Syrian soldiers who refused to shoot protesters were detained by Hizbullah and Revolutionary Guards members present in Syria, before being killed.

Thousands of civilians have been killed during the popular uprising in Syria – and thousands more arrested – in demonstrations.