Gush Katif Yeshiva to Get New Home

After six years, the twice-expelled Neveh Dekalim yeshiva is promised a new home in Ashdod.

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Maayana Miskin,

Neve Dekalim's temporary home
Neve Dekalim's temporary home
Neve Dekalim yeshiva

The yeshiva of Neveh Dekalim is to be rebuilt in Ashdod within three years. The school's building in Gush Katif was demolished in the 2005 “Disengagement” -- 21 years after its first building, in the Sinai city of Yamit, was destroyed in the expulsion from Sinai.

The yeshiva's new home was chosen in an attempt to bring the ideology and lifestyle of Gush Katif into the heart of Israel's cities.

Neveh Dekalim's yeshiva includes a hesder program, in which young soldiers combine active army service with Torah study. It is home to over 200 students.

For more than two years after the expulsion from Gaza, the yeshiva held activities in Kfar Maimon, a village near the Gaza border. Since 2007, classes have been held in a temporary campus in Ashdod.

Officials approved the construction of a new building after lengthy negotiations. The campus is to include 6,000 square meters of space, which will contain a study hall, a kollel, classrooms, a library, a kitchen and dining hall, offices and more.

Tenders for the project went out this week.

Manager Shlomo Venchotzker expressed gratitude to the many local and national officials who helped the school move closer to having a home of its own.