Yitzhar Residents Honor 'Deportees'

Dozens of Yitzhar residents came out for a spontaneous show of affection for a dozen residents who were forced to leave the community by pol

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David Lev,

Akiva HaCohen
Akiva HaCohen

Dozens of Yitzhar residents came together for a spontaneous show of affection for a dozen residents of the town who were forced to leave their homes after police handed out administrative restraining orders banning them from Yitzhar. The event was also attended by Samaria Council chairman Gershon Mesika, who praised the dedication of the twelve for their work on behalf of the Land of Israel. He promised that the Council would do whatever it could to help the group, and their families.

“The Shin Bet has done a disgusting thing which just should not be done, reminding us of actions usually taken in the third world,” Mesika said. “The difference between the way these activists are treated and the way rioting Arabs in Bil'in who weekly attack IDF soldiers are treated is too obvious – and too painful.”

Mesika said that the Shin Bet, police, and others had an agenda against Yitzhar, because “they see it as the center of the ideology advocating Jewish settlement in Yesha, and these orders were issued by people who seek to harm that ideology.” Fortunately, Mesika, said, the people of Yitzhar are strong, and would not be intimidated.

Speaking at the event, Akiva HaCohen, one of those who received the orders, said that the main reason he was being expelled from the town – hopefully just temporarily – was because of his work in helping to defend the town, which he is forced to do because the IDF and police don't. "There have been more and more instances of abuse by the Arabs lately. It can be arson, coming near the hills and the communities, car theft, it can be all kinds of abuse by Arabs towards Jews. Unfortunately we’re not seeing the response we would expect to see from the IDF and from other security forces. We’d truly be happy to see the IDF, the Shin Bet or the police caring for Jews, but what is happening lately is that more and more – not just in Yitzhar but also in Ronen, in Havat Gilad, in the Shilo Hills, and even in the hills of Beit El – we are being called to help because the Arabs go up there and there’s no one to protect them.

“It’s happened quite a few times that vehicles left here to help out in places such as Aley Ayin near Shilo, and it’s an absurd situation, but it’s a situation where we have no choice. We must protect ourselves. We’re seeing it happening more and more, especially ahead of September when they’ve declared that they’re planning unarmed mass marches towards our communities as their own War of Independence in preparation for the declaration of a Palestinian state. Because these clashes are becoming more and more frequent, we’ve decided to organize a Krav Maga and face-to-face combat training course. We’ve organized a three-day course that, with G-d’s help, will take place in the near future in Yitzhar despite the restraining order,” HaCohen added.