Gaza Terrorists Training
Gaza Terrorists In Large Scale Training

Hamas, Islamic Jihad, DFLP using relative quiet to train and prepare in case of IDF attack.

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Gil Ronen,

Al Qaeda Terrorists
Al Qaeda Terrorists
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Terrorists are using the period of relative quiet on the Gaza-Israel border for large scale training exercises as well as parades and ceremonies, according to the Center for Intelligence and Terror. The terrorists, who continue sporadic missile and rocket launchings at southern Israel, are trying to prepare for the possibility that Israel may decide that it has to root out the source of the rocket fire. 
Several terror groups conducted training exercises last week, some of them on a large scale, as well as ceremonies meant for show.
Izz Eldine El Kassam, the wing of Hamas that carries out terror and guerrilla attacks, trained on Saturday in off-loading from a vehicle in combat conditions and small arms fire. 
The direct-terror wing of Islamic Jihad carried out a large scale exercise involving about 400 terrorists from various units. The group's website reported that the training made use of "new skills" acquired by the terrorists "in theoretical and academic courses." 
A spokesman for the group said that the exercise was meant to prepare "everything necessary for dealing with an act of Zionist aggression."
The Islamic Jihad held parades in Khan Younes last Wednesday and again on Sunday. The DFLP terror group is also taking part in training. A DFLP terrorism course graduation ceremony was held near Rafiah. The terrorists demonstrated techniques of assault and use of rocket launchers against tanks. They also simulated the abduction of Israeli soldiers.
While Palestinian Authority terror groups like to call their operations "military," they are mostly famous for targeting unarmed men, women and children. Recently, PA terrorists established a new precedent in immoral terror "warfare" when they fired an anti-tank missile at a yellow school bus, killing a Jewish youth.