Hesder Students Gung Ho
Hesder Students Continue Propensity for Combat Service

Hesder Yeshiva students are still avidly sought by combat units in the IDF. The feeling is mutual.

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Aryeh ben Hayim,

Hesder students
Hesder students

It is not yet August but the August intake into the combat units has already begun.

The Hesder Yeshivot that combine Torah study with military service over a five-year track have continued their strong representation in the combat units.

While 73% of all recruits this year have asked to serve in combat units (although a smaller percentage will effectively serve) 84% of the Hesder students will actually perform service in combat units in both regular service and the all-important reserves.

The Golani, Givati, and Kfir Brigades  as well as the armored corps were the favored landing spots. The tension with some officers in the paratroopers brigade, who expressed a reluctance to integrate Hesder students in command positions (due to Hesder's abbreviated regular service), resulted in a diminished preference for that brigade.

A highlight of this year's intake was the contribution of the Or Meofir preparatory Academy geared to members of the Ethiopian community and designed to ready them for advanced yeshiva studies.

About 20 students from the school joined the ranks of Israel's elite fighters. The students were accompanied by their rabbis to the Tel Hashomer absorption base.