Israeli 'Brains' Win Math Medals

Israeli’s brightest math students restore the country’s positive image at the annual Math Olympiad -- win one gold, four bronze medals.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu ,

Math exam
Math exam
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Israeli’s brightest math students have restored the country’s positive image at the annual Math Olympiad and won one gold and four bronze medals.


Israel jumped from last year’s 53rd ranking to number 23, out of 101 countries. In 2000, Israel enjoyed the 11th spot, and the decline in recent years caused some panic in the Education Ministry, which was concerned that Israelis children are learning less than they did in the past.

Education Minister Gideon Sa’ar lauded the Israeli team’s instructor, Lev Radislevsky, telling him. "You represented Israel honorably and reached impressive achievements." Saar added that "Israel's accomplishments in future Olympiads will only grow” due to the renewed emphasis on learning and preparation for the Olympiad.

All of the medallion winners were from urban centers – two from Haifa, and one each from Ra’anana, Holon and Ramat Gan, three cities that are part of metropolitan Tel Aviv.

This year’s achievement brought to 11 the number of gold medals Israeli students have won since first participating in the annual Olympiad. They also have won a total of 81 bronze medals and 33 silver medals.

Since first taking part in the games, Israel has had 11 gold medalists, 33 silver medalists and 81 bronze medalists.