Siren Test in Raanana, Rishpon
Siren Test in Raanana, Rishpon

Sirens will go off at 11:05 A.M. as part of a test. In case of an emergency – an additional siren will sound.

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Homefront drill
Homefront drill
Israel news photo: IDF


The Home Front Command has requested news outlets to inform the oublic that it will carry out a test of emergency sirens in three locations Monday morning.
At 11:05 A.M., sirens will sound the “up and down” wail at Rishpon, Raanana, and Givat Chen near Raanana.
The sirens will sound for 90 seconds. 
If there is a real emergency, the siren will go off a second time after the first 90-second wail.
Addidional information can be read at the Home Front website and received at telephone 1207.