Let's Take Sick Jewish and Arab Kids to the Zoo, Says Civil Administration - and Did

Yesha Civil Admin. arranges a trip to the zoo for Arab and Jewish children with heart disease. Good time had by all.<br/>

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David ben Yacov,

Hospital Child
Hospital Child
Jer. Zoo

The Civil Administration, responsible for administering and coordinating civilian needs for Jewish  and  Arab residents of  Judea and Samaria, has decided that there are needs other than legal, ecomonic and health issues. Children need to have fun, and especially those who have had or still deal with traumatic illness.


That's how it turned out that , along with Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, the normally bureaucratic entity coordinated a visit to the Jerusalem zoo for a group of Jewish and Arab children from Judea and Samaria.



Parents were invited to join the happy young visitors. Many of the participants had undergone open heart surgery at Hadassah Hospital and this was a really well-deserved treat.

Medical costs were covered by the hospital and by the French NGO, A Heart for Peace.

The excursion was meant to provide leisure and respite for the young Jewish and Arab patients, to bring them much needed calm and joy to assuage their daily physical and emotional challenges.

Ms. Dalia Bassa, the Health and Welfare Coordinator for the Civil Administration, who was the prime mover in organizing the trip, said, "We encountered many Arab children who cannot receive treatment because of the high costs." She turned to Hadassah and Professor Azaria Rein of the Department Hadassah University Hospital can now assert proudly that , "Six years ago we decided that those  Arab children from Judea and Samaria who don't have the money won't pay anything."

Israel regularly saves the lives of children from all over the world, including Gaza, by offering its superior medical services.

The Civil Administration is an IDF unit working alongside the Jewish Regional and Local Authorities in Yesha, the Palestinian Authority, the Arab population, IDF and Israeli authorities, international organizations and NGOs to address the civilian population's daily needs.