Prisoners Still Partying
Terror Prisoners Still Partying

In a special Knesset session, Prison Services representative reports that almost all terror inmates' privileges are still in force.

David ben Yacov,

Terrorist Prisoners (illustrative)
Terrorist Prisoners (illustrative)

In a special Knesset session Wednesday an Israeli Prison Service (IPS) representative reported that security prisoners can no longer enroll for academic studies. However, other special privileges that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu promised to take away are still in force.

Coalition Chairman MK Zeev Elkin told Arutz Sheva that based on what he heard at the session, it seems that the terrorists' “summer camp goes on.”

There has been a public outcry about the comfortable prison conditions enjoyed by terrorist prisoners. They enjoy free internet and cellphone access and often use cellphones to describe their conditions to Israeli media. They can cook for themselves, and enjoy the right to purchase state-subsidized meat, poultry and fish at the prison canteen, unlike other prisoners.


Netanyahu has recently demanded a harshening of the terror prisoners' conditions, in a move designed to expedite the release of captive IDF soldier Gilad Shalit, held incommnicado by Hamas for five years, without even a Red Cross visit.

The Knesset Committee for Interior Affairs barred the press from attending a special meeting on terrorist prison conditions, but details emerged after the session.

The IPS representative told the MKs that the decision to prevent academic studies for the prisoners has been implemented, allowing studies only for already enrolled prisoners who are about to take exams.

In addition, the limitation of the following rights will be considered in the future: family visits, Red Cross visits, obtaining books and newspapers, letters, canteen purchases, TV, and money deposits.

Minors will continue to receive an education, as per the Law of Mandatory Education.