Ne’eman Under Guard

Stepped up security for Justice Minister after nationalists shouted at him at Cave of Patriarchs.

Gil Ronen , | updated: 18:51

Minister Yaakov Ne'eman
Minister Yaakov Ne'eman
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Security around Justice Minister Yaakov Ne’eman has been stepped up Thursday following the incident in which nationalists shouted at him at the Cave of Patriarchs. 

Activists at the Cave, where Ne’eman often prays, are angry at him for not preventing the recent arrest of Rabbi Dov Lior.
“You should be ashamed of yourself, disgracing the Torah and offending rabbis,” they said.
Ne’eman participated Thursday afternoon in a conference marking the establishment of a Study Hall for Giyur (conversion to Judaism) at Jerusalem’s Beit Morasha.  
“The obstacles Israel places before the converts are a national tragedy,” he said. “Abroad, matters are simpler.”
“The Chief Rabbinate is to blame for the conversion situation in Israel,” he added. “It is the one that prevented the establishment of the Batei Din (religious courts) for Conversion as recommended by a committee that studied the matter.”