Arrests, Destruction as Police Storm Outpost

Five residents arrested, damage caused to property as officers storm an outpost in Samaria.

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Elad Benari, | updated: 03:12

Harchivi Outpost destruction, June 26 2011
Harchivi Outpost destruction, June 26 2011
Israel News photo: Davidi ben Zion

A large force of Border Police officers stormed on Sunday the Harchivi outpost near the Jewish town of Elon Moreh in Samaria.

During the raid, the officers arrested five of the outpost’s residents and destroyed two cars and a shed.

The raid on Harchivi follows a serious of recent violent police raids on outposts in Judea and Samaria in recent months.

Earlier this month, a large combined police-army force carried out a particularly violent eviction at the Alei Ayin outpost near Shilo in the northern Binyamin bloc.

During the raid, the forces threw a gas grenade into a home, hurled rocks at residents, and razed a home and two agricultural structures. In addition, they destroyed several cars placed in the way of the forces. Eleven people were injured in the clashes that broke out.

The same day, Israeli Border Police and Civil Administration authorities demolished the community of Ga’on Yarden in the Binyamin region of Samaria, saying several of the buildings were built without obtaining the necessary permits.

In March, at least five people were arrested during a violent midnight police raid on the Samaria outpost of Givat Ronen (Ronen Hill).

During the raid, plainclothes police detectives arrived at the outpost wanting to arrest a reserves officer who lived there. When the residents demanded that the detectives show them badges, the detectives alerted Yasam (Special Patrol Unit) forces who mercilessly beat residents and entered their homes through the windows.

In February, police conducted a demolition at Havat Gilad (Gilad Farm) in which pneumatic guns were employed, resulting in fifteen residents being injured.

The Samaria Residents’ Committee expressed its surprise over Sunday’s raid on Harchivi, saying in a statement, “The Minister of Defense continues to try and accumulate political power through pictures of the destruction of outposts. He is being meticulous with the Jews while the Arabs are building villas and other public buildings illegally and criminally. There’s not even a false impression of balance here.”

Sunday was not the first time the Harchivi outpost was targeted. Last November, security forces demolished the outpost, not even sparing a memorial to an IDF soldier who fell in battle in Lebanon in 1997.

(Photos: Davidi ben Zion, courtesy of Samaria Resident's Committee)