Kuwait Teacher Sacked for Praising Jews

A teacher in Kuwait was sacked for holding up Jewish ethics as a role model for students to follow.

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Chana Ya'ar, | updated: 12:49

Muslim Women in Kuwait
Muslim Women in Kuwait
Israel news photo: Wiki Commons

A teacher in Kuwait has been sacked after holding up Jewish ethics as a role model for students to follow. The teacher, an Arab, was rebuking two quarreling students at the Abdullah Al Nouri elementary school in Kuwait City.

She told the boys they should follow the example of the Jews and respect each other, according to a report published last week in Kuwait's Alanba newspaper.

“She stopped them and told them they must respect and love each other in line with our Islamic principles,” reported the paper. "If the Jews respect each other, why can't we learn from our Prophet.... and respect each other," the report quoted her.

After the incident, the headmistress asked the teacher to sign a report saying she had told the boys that Jews are “better than us” – but the teacher refused to sign the document. According to the newspaper, the Ministry of Education sent her a letter of termination a few days later and has refused to consider her appeal of the matter.

The headmistress of the school had already reprimanded the teacher once before for scolding a student for shouting at a cleaning woman. In her report on the prior incident, the headmistress also included remarks not said by the teacher, according to the newspaper account.