Gantz: Make Next War Short

Brig.-Gen. Eyal Eizenberg promoted to Major General and put in charge of Home Front.

Gil Ronen, | updated: 19:16

Merkava tank in action
Merkava tank in action
Israel news photo: IDF

Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz said Thursday that “In any future warfare there will be an effort to bring about a swift result and to cut down the time that the fighting lasts, because we know that our ability to decide the battle depends on the Home Front’s resilience.”  

Golan (left) and Eizenberg shake hands, Barak and Gantz in back / IDF Spokesperson's Unit

Gantz spoke at a ceremony at the Chief of Staff’s bureau in Tel Aviv, in which Brigadier General Eyal Eizenberg was promoted to the rank of major general. Eizenberg will replace Maj. Gen Yair Golan as Home Front Commander in the coming days.

Golan will become Head of Northern Command and replace Maj. Gen Gadi Eizenkut.
Golan has completed three and a half years commanding the Home Front, which has become an increasingly important position as the IDF prepares for a war involving massive missile fire on Israel’s civilian population. The Home Front Minister, Matan Vinai, and the former head of Miltary Intelligence, have predicted that Tel Aviv would be a front in the next war.
Golan called the job “fascinating and important” and said – “the Home Front is us.”
Eizenberg is currently Gaza Division Commander, a position he held during the IDF’s anti-terror campaign in Gaza in late 2008. He said he was aware of the heavy responsibility on his shoulders. “Especially in these days when  the Middle East is tempestuous," he explained, "the nature of war changes and attrition has become a goal. Therefore the strength and resilience of the Home Front is a future operational condition."