IDF Radio's Anti-Israel Playlist

IDF radio will continue to play songs by artists who have accused Israel of genocide, in the name of “separation of art and opinion.”

Maayana Miskin , | updated: 12:37

Faithless appears in Haifa, 2005
Faithless appears in Haifa, 2005
Wikicommons, Amire

The two IDF radio stations, Army Radio and Galagalatz, said they will continue to play songs performed by anti-Israel artists, including those who accuse Israel of genocide, IDF spokesmen said Friday.

“We will continue to play the music. There must be a separation between art and opinion,” the army explained.

The subject came up for debate after two members of the British band “Faithless,” together with other British artists, created a song and video clip titled, “Freedom for Palestine.” The video accuses Israel of a variety of crimes, including apartheid, racism, and crimes against humanity.

The video includes a cartoon in which IDF soldiers deliberately murder innocent Arab civilians and fire on a school. The soldiers are shown sitting in a tank with a blue star of David on the side, apparently to identify them as Jews.

At another point in the cartoon a soldier is shown pushing an Arab woman and her baby to the ground.

A second band, Coldplay, promoted the clip on its Facebook page. Coldplay is a popular band with Israelis, and has considered appearing in Israel this September.