'Aid Ship' Refuses to Let Israel Deliver Goods

Activists bringing dual-purpose “aid to Gaza” now refuse to deliver the goods – since they would be transported via Israel.

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Maayana Miskin, | updated: 11:05

Turkish ship from previous flotilla
Turkish ship from previous flotilla
Israel news photo: Flash 90

A group of self-proclaimed peace activists bringing dual-purpose materials to Gaza have refused to deliver the goods – preferring that they remain at sea rather than be transported through Israel.

The activists are aboard a ship carrying 4.6 miles of sewage pipes. Materials such as pipes have been allowed into Gaza only under international supervision in recent years, as Hamas and other terrorist groups often use the pipes in manufacturing short-range rockets to fire on Israeli civilians (pictured right).

However, under an agreement reached with the help of the Egyptian and Malaysian governments, the goods could be delivered to Gaza through the Kerem Shalom crossing in southern Israel.

Activists, who have claimed that the pipes are “a vital humanitarian necessity,” have refused the offer, admitting that their goal is not to provide aid, but to defy the IDF naval blockade on Hamas. Delivering the aid through a second party would be “against the principle of the team's mission, which is to break the illegal Israeli siege of Gaza,” they said in a statement released Thursday.

They have dubbed their project the Spirit of Rachel Corrie Mission, after a United States activist who died while attempting to stop an IDF bulldozer as it destroyed weapons smuggling tunnels in Gaza. 

Organizers said that despite their objections to delivering the aid, they would be willing to have the pipes transported to Gaza via the Egyptian border – just not through Israel. Israel cannot be trusted to deliver the aid, they argued, stating that previous aid deliveries were “laid to waste,” with just 40% entering Gaza.

In fact, all useful aid from previous “humanitarian” ships has been delivered to Gaza if Hamas is willing to receive it. However, much of the “aid” sent by previous ships has been found to be worthless or even dangerous. In addition, Hamas has refused to accept even useful foreign aid, preferring to leave it in Israel.

Israel has continued sending humanitarian aid to Gaza even while under attack. Gaza residents are often given medical care in Israel, and the IDF went so far as to halt its counter-terrorist activities each day during Operation Cast Lead, in order to allow residents to stock up on free food and medicine.

Pro-Hamas activists claims to be delivering “vital humanitarian aid” continue one year after the Red Cross and the United Nations both stated there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Visitors have reported that not only is Gaza not in crisis, but its Hamas leaders and their supporters are actually enjoying wealth and prosperity.

Activists' Goal: Self-Defense Only with UN Permission
The ship is sponsored by the Perdana Global Peace Foundation, an extremist “anti-war” group with the stated goal of making all violence illegal unless it gets United Nations approval. The group's Initiative to Criminalize War would make even self defense against terrorists or invading armies illegal, even if there are zero non-combatant deaths, “except when authorized by a Resolution passed by two-thirds majority of the total membership of the General Assembly of the United Nations.”