Meet Rav Gottfried, The Hassidic Jew Who Shaped Jerusalem

Arutz Sheva TV meets Rav Gottfried, who purchased a home near the security barrier in an Arab-populated area of eastern Jerusalem.

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Gil Ronen & Yoni Kempinski, | updated: 22:47

Rav Gottfried
Rav Gottfried
Yoni Kempinski

Rav Shlomo Gottfried, a hassidic Jew from a family that has lived in Jerusalem for many generations, is one of the people who shaped the route of the anti-terror barrier in Jerusalem. 

He did this inadvertently, by purchasing a house that is right next to the barrier, at the Kidmat Zion neighborhood. Gottfried bought the house with his own money. The plot was owned by Jews but Arab squatters invaded it over the years.
The famous Moskowitz family helped with the purchase and with the legal effort, and wound up buying the house from Gottfried. Because of these efforts, the anti-terror barrier was built in a way that leaves the house inside the Jewish part of Jerusalem. 
Gottfried will be among others honored at the annual "Ateret Cohanim - Jerusalem Chai" dinner with the "Builders of Jerusalem" award.