'Barak, Resign over Breach'

Former Kiryat Shemona mayor doesn't understand how the Syrian infiltrators entered Israel so easily.

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Gil Ronen , | updated: 11:00

Shamed at Majdal Shams, 15.5.11
Shamed at Majdal Shams, 15.5.11
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Former Kiryat Shemona mayor Prosper Azran says IDF's failure to stop Syrians from entering Israel shamed Israel in front of the whole world. He thinks Defense Minister Ehud Barak should resign immediately.

"This was a very big shame," Azran said of the Syrian citizens' success in breaching the border. "I am sorry to say that Israel's security is abandoned."
"The Minister of Defense said of the Nakba Day events in the north that the IDF operated properly," the longtime mayor of the northern border town told Arutz Sheva's Hebrew-language service. "But this was a huge disgrace. On our border with a hostile state there was not even one landmine! I expected 1,000 people who charge into Israel would hit 10,000 landmines. Instead they lifted up the fence as easily as a baby and invaded our sovereignty."
Azran pointed out that in a similar incident on the Lebanese border, the IDF acted properly and prevented an incursion opposite the community of Avivim. "One need not guess what would have happened if the people trying to enter Avivim had weapons on them. They would have conquered a community."
"The Defense Minister should hand back his keys, he should lay off of the IDF. There was a big foul-up here. They knew about Nakba Day in advance. it possible that Military Intelligence did not know that masses were planning to breach the border, when they publicly organized buses for these people? Instead of waiting for them with hundreds of soldiers and thousands of landmines, there were two lousy jeeps and a few reservists.
"Where has the IDF's strength gone?" Azran asked. "Anyone approaching our fence should have died, that is how it works everywhere else in the world."