IDF Had Terror Warning Before Nahal Oz School Bus Attack

The IDF cleared its base and banned military, but not civilian, traffic before the school bus attack that claimed the life of Daniel Viflic.

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Gabe Kahn., | updated: 15:22

Anit-Missile Attack On School Bus
Anit-Missile Attack On School Bus
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The bus 16-year-old terror victim Daniel Viflic was mortally wounded on in last month's Nahal Oz attack was allowed to travel despite terror warnings that led the IDF to clear the local base, erect barriers, and ban military traffic, according to a report released Friday.

According to the report the IDF received intelligence warnings of a potential attack on military targets in the Nahal Oz area hours before the attack and cleared its local base, erecting barriers at the entrances, and banning military traffic.

The IDF emphasized that the terror-warning specified an attack on military targets and that orders were given on that basis out of considerations for the routine of Gaza residents.

Some critics say the institutional reticence of the IDF to erect check-points and road-blocks that may inconvenience civilians when valid security concerns arise is the result of pressure from Israel's political leadership, who wish to appease Western government's critical of such measures.

A month ago Hamas terrorists operating from nearby Gaza fired an anti-tank rocket into a school bus. Daniel Viflic, a resident of Ramat Beit Shemesh, was mortally wounded and succumbed to his wounds several days later.

The driver of the schoolbus was also seriously wounded in the attack, but survived.

The school bus had just disembarked the other students it was carrying. Had the attack occurred seconds earlier the death-toll would have likely been much greater.