Tomb of Joseph Violence

Border Police evict activists who came with permission but holed up in the compound, demanding Israel retake the Tomb.

Gil Ronen , | updated: 09:44

Joseph's Tomb
Joseph's Tomb
Samaria local authority

Jewish activists refused to leave the Tomb of Joseph compound Tuesday morning after being allowed in by the IDF, and demanded that Israel retake control of the Tomb. Border Police evicted them by force. One activist had to be hospitalized after being beaten.

Thirty-five people were arrested and taken to the Ariel police station.
Anger and pain is high following the recent gunning down of Ben Yosef Livnat by Palestinian Authority terrorists in uniform. Local Arabs subsequently vandalized the newly-renovated Tomb (see picture below).  
The Shechem nucleus Jewish community issued a statement in which it explained that "following the events it has again been proven that the IDF refuses to renew the presence and allow regular prayers at Joseph's Tomb. The group therefore calls for an immediate cessation of coordination with the military of entrances into the Tomb of Joseph, until a substantive change in the army's attitude occurs."
Over 1,000 Jews were escorted into the compound by the military at night. Activists said, however, that the number of people allowed into the Tomb in the military-escorted buses was less than demand, and that about 150 Jews entered the compound by foot. They were attacked by Arabs who threw rocks at them. An IDF soldier was reportedly lightly injured in the violence.