Criminal Complaint on Peace Now

A leading nationalist has filed a criminal complaint against Peace Now leader Oppenheimer for giving US officials information used against Israel.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu , | updated: 15:32

Yariv Oppenheimer
Yariv Oppenheimer
Israel news photo: Flash 90

A leading nationalist has filed a criminal complaint against Peace Now leader Yariv Oppenheimer for giving U.S. embassy officials in Washington information with the intention of “damaging the country.” The alleged crimes are punishable by life in prison or even death.

“I hope that American pressure on the government of Israel will bring about an implementation” of orders against a Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria, he said in a document revealed last week by WikiLeaks.

Itzik Shadmi, head of the Binyamin Region Residents’ Committee, said, “Peace Now for years incites policies against Israel in order to weaken the communities that have been established in Judea and Samaria. Peace Now sees that the public does not trust the left, and it decided to turn to the other countries.

“We see these actions as damaging to the State of Israel. The publication of the documents simply confirms what we have known for years, and we expect the police to investigate Oppenheimer and his colleagues” for acting against Israel and undermining the sovereignty of the government, Shadmi said.

One WikiLeaks cable stated that Oppenheimer told American officials that Israel is guilty of deception and “has the tools…to do what it has to do” against Jewish communities. The documents said that the American officials were impressed with Oppenheimer's presentation and concluded, “We are afraid that there will be a renewal of settlements, creating new neighborhoods” contrary to Israel’s obligations to the United States. The “obligations” were not spelled out.

Oppenheimer has been instrumental in filing lawsuits on behalf of Arabs. The legal and military establishments have accepted many of his claims and have allowed and in some cases even encouraged an Arab land grab in Judea and Samaria.

Oppenheimer is “public enemy number one” among nationalists and was even slapped in the face by a nationalist academic this week.

Oppenheimer complained that Mor Altshuler slapped him “violently” several minutes before a television debate. She said she is sorry that she hit him in the face but added that her slap was “symbolic.”

She accused Peace Now of having sent her three people posing as students and trying to coax her into saying she approved the assassination of former Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin in 1995.