Marzel: Gov't Inaction Has Negative Results on Youth

The government must show youth that it is doing its job, to prevent them from taking law into their own hands, says Merzel, citing 'empty words.'

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Baruch Marzel
Baruch Marzel
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Two masked men attacked Arab workers and Jews present at a construction site in Shilo on Friday, according to the local district police office. The men used pepper spray and one of the workers was struck in the head with a piece of iron before the men fled in their vehicle. Police have begun investigating the case.

Although the attacker's identity has not been established, the incident elicited a caustic response to government inaction to heinous crimes against Jews from Baruch Merzel, who said  that the inaction causes youth to lose respect for those in charge of law-enforcement.

"Empty words won't extinquish the fire,"  said Baruch Marzel, Chairman of Eretz Yisrael Shelanu (Our Land of Israel/The Land of Israel is Ours) and parlimentary aide to MK Michael Ben Ari.

Arguing that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his Ministers are responsible for  "Price Tag" actions {see explanation below}, "Continued trouble in the region proves Netanyahu and his government will not extinquish the fire burning in Judea and Samaria with empty words, when in fact they are engaged in gestures toward terrorists and the persecution of their own residents."

Whether there should be unilateral responses by private citizens to Arab harrassment when the governments' hands are tied, commonly known as "Price Tag Operations," has been a contentious issue among Israelis, and has evoked criticism from rabbis as well as IDF commanders tasked with protecting Jews in the region. The IDF has deployed patrols to prevent youth from approaching Arab areas, causing them to respond that they are being accused without any proof, while Arabs are free to enter Israeli cities.

Leaders in Judea and Samaria have begun to look for more productive outlets for the seething youth anger and feelings of vulnerability in the face of perceived government inaction.

No proof of "Price Tag" operations that have actually been carried out by Jews exists, however, there have been threats and announcements of planned action.  The IDF commander in Yesha, General Nitsav Alon, has even said that there is evidence that certain Arab actions were responses to 'proce tag' fears, but was quick to qualify that by adding that terrorists don't need any encouragement to act.

Seizing on the opportunity to turn reports of such activities into a vehicle for libel, some Arabs have framed neighboring Jewish communities by staging attacks on their own property.