Tzohar Brings Purim to All

The Tzohar organization is bringing Purim joy to all Israelis, with Megillah readings in malls, kibbutzim, sports centers and more.

Maayana Miskin , | updated: 13:05

Israel news photo

The Tzohar organization, which works to make Jewish tradition accessible to all Jews, is planning 110 readings of the Megillah (Book of Esther) this year. Readings will be open to the public.

Among the places Megillah readings will take place are the popular nightclub “HaMaabada,” the Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem, the Marom Naveh Mall in Ramat Gan, an Ashdod absorption center, the lobby of Ichilov Hospital, and a high school sports center in Rishon L'Tzion.

Readings will also be held in more traditional settings, such as synagogues and schools. Each will include an explanation about the mitzvot (commandments) associated with the holiday of Purim, and about the Megillah itself.

In some places additional activities are planned. In the Shamayim Center in Tel Aviv, the megillah reading will be followed by lectures on Purim and by a Purim-themed stand-up comedy act and a performance by jazz musician Daniel Zamir.

“We will make every effort so that anyone who wants to hear the Megillah can do so in a convenient location, even during a trip to the mall or to an event,” Tzohar rabbis explained.

Hearing the Megillah is one of the rabbinic institutions of the Purim holiday. Others include sending gifts of food, having a festive meal, and giving money so that at least two people in need may have a meal as well.