Brutal Fogel Murders Shake Kadima Chairwoman, Give Resolve

Kadima faction Chairwoman says Israel cannot abdicate its responsibility to give residents of Judea and Samaria security amidst political debate.

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Gabe Kahn., | updated: 20:47

Dalia Itzik
Dalia Itzik
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Kadima faction chairman, MK Dalia Itzik, gave a tearful interview to Israel National News on her visit last night at the house of the Fogel family who are sitting Shiva, the ritual seven days of mourning for their murdered relatives in Itamar.

"I think the murder has hit the entire nation, rightists and leftists, religious and secular, this indescribable tragedy, this heinous murder.. I cannot bear the people who say to me 'this happened because of Itamar.' Who does not care about a murder because of the location? This story - the murderer would have done it in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and everywhere in Israel!"

"We can have a political debate [about settlements]," Itzik told INN. "But one thing must never happen as long as the State of Israel is sending these people [settlers]... we must give them security. All the way to  Itamar we could not make mobile phone calls, there was no reception, there were no lights on the roads. I do not understand it, do not understand the Israeli government and the settlers."

She says, "A government has to govern, a government that decides the settlers are there [in Judea and Samaria] needs to give them security - this is not political debate."

Itzik said tearfully, "Since the murder... since paying condolences... I am constantly choked with tears. This is terrible. I can not even imagine this kind of murder, shocking. I saw parents who are amazing. What peace. What well-bred people."

Itzik concluded, "I'm ready to mobilize and assist the residents and care for them. I cannot argue with having a political debate, but I am not ready to take risks on their lives."