New Egyptian FM Pleases Hamas

Hamas is setting great store on Nabil al-Arabi's published positions and is awaiting their practical implementation

Aryeh Ben Hayim , | updated: 13:51

Hamas Leader Khaled Mashaal
Hamas Leader Khaled Mashaal

Hamas is most content with the positions of Egypt's new  Foreign Minister Nabil al-Arabi, Egypt's former Ambassador to the UN, according to its own spokesperson and the Iranian ABNA news agency.

Arabi, who was named in the formation of the caretaker government, is on record as demanding an end to the five year siege of Gaza and Hamas expects him to put this policy into action.

The Iranian agency quoted Hamas in a recent statement:  ”We praise the positions of the new Foreign Minister of Egypt Nabil al-Arabi on the issue of the Gaza siege and his rejection of this unjust policy, as well as his position that damage was caused by the Camp David Accords.”

”We hope these positions will be translated [into action, ed.] during his new post, and that they will be a new beginning in the Egyptian Foreign Ministry's policy,” Hamas said.

Al-Arabi had written an article for the Egyptian Al Shurooq newspaper on February 19 criticizing the country's foreign policy during the term of his predecessor Ahmed Aboul-Gheit, and strongly condemning the blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip.

Al-Arabi, who was an Egyptian appointee to the World Court, advocated aligning Egyptian foreign policy along the fundamental principles of international law, and as such felt that Egypt had to reverse its position on the blocakde imposed on Gaza.