Ham Menu Forces ‘Fast Flight’

EasyJet is swallowing hard after it promised kosher food on its Israeli route but offered passengers a ham-only menu. Many chose to fast.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, | updated: 12:16

EasyJet airline
EasyJet airline
Israel news photo: Wikimedia Commons

EasyJet is swallowing hard after its promised kosher food on its Israeli route but offered bacon and ham-only menu to passengers, many of whom chose to fast.

Airline spokespersons expressed embarrassment and regret for the incident, stating, "It appears that a mistake was made on this flight and that incorrect food canisters were loaded. We would like to apologize to the passengers.”

EasyJet added that its policy does not even allow pork products to be carried on board. Many of its passengers to and from Israel are Jews and Muslims, whose religion also forbids the consumption of pork products

Passengers who observe dietary laws and were on the Tel Aviv flight Tuesday finally were able to eat a decent meal only after the four and a half hour flight when the plane landed in Britain.

“I think they need a lesson or two on cultural awareness if they expand their routes into the Middle East,” one passenger said.