Building a Synagogue, Pixel by Pixel

A growing community hopes to turn its virtual synagogue into a real one.

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Maayana Miskin, | updated: 01:15

Praying in the hallway
Praying in the hallway
Israel news photo

While it remains impossible to build a synagogue using “likes” on Facebook, a new initiative from the Meir Modiin community has found a way to use the Internet and technology for holy endeavors.

The community has created a website that allows donors to contribute toward building a synagogue. That is nothing new. But the innovation is that with each donation of 36 shekels, a new pixel is revealed in a picture showing the synagogue as planners expect it to look.

Danny Froyd, who is among those behind the initiative, explained, “Until now our community has been praying in the hallways of the Keshet school. The rapid growth of the community, and of our families, has made the situation intolerable, and the location has become too small to contain us all.”

The community now includes 50 families.

The community managed to raise $200,000 toward the construction of a synagogue from major donors, but needs another $200,000 to complete the project. Organizers hope to raise the rest through small donations.

“We have big hopes for this project,” Froyd said. “We wanted to give everyone a chance to be part of this, so that with even a 36 shekel donation, a donor can commemorate their loved ones.” 

INN is waiting to see the full synagogue picture.