Who's the "King of Cholent"? Efrat Holds a Unique Contest

The men of the community of Efrat gathered for a unique cooking contest, in which the contestants had to cook their best Cholent.

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Elad Benari and Yoni Kempinski, | updated: 16:12

The King of Cholent Contest
The King of Cholent Contest

A special evening for men only took place this week in Efrat: the ultimate Cholent-cooking competition. About 15 men prepared various recipes of the Jewish dish, traditionally eaten on Shabbat, and competed for the coveted title of ‘Cholent King of Efrat.’

Nearly 100 members of the Zayit Ra’anan community in Efrat came by to taste and vote on their favorite cholent. Also taking part was a judging panel composed of ZAKA Chairman Yehuda Meshi-Zahav, MK Uri Orbach and Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, rabbi of Efrat.

Some of the types of Cholent available at the competition included:

1. Diet Sephardic - lots of beef, whole garlic heads, and all types of legumes

2. Cholent with sausages

3. Ashkenazi Cholent with kishka - Ashkenazi with a pungent taste

4. Classical European style cholent - kishka, beef

5. Lite Moroccan Cholent - classic seasoning, not spicy, with beef

6. A cake shaped like a pot of Cholent

7. International Cholent - with kabanos, kubbeh, kebabs and beer

Rami Kaminski won first prize and received a special apron which says 'The Cholent King of the Zayit Neighborhood of Efrat.’ Kaminski called his cholent ‘pure Ashkenazi cholent.’ Uriah Shohat, who organized the event, won second prize and received a bone steak. Harel Avrahami took third place.