'Lebanon is Causing Instability'

Deputy Prime Minister Silvan Shalom posts video on the dangers posed by the HIzbullah takeover in Lebanon.

Elad Benari , | updated: 05:11

Minister Silvan Shalom
Minister Silvan Shalom

Vice Prime Minister and Minister for Regional Development, Silvan Shalom, posted a video clip to his YouTube channel on Tuesday in which he addressed the dangers of the latest political developments in Lebanon.

“I think that the new development in Lebanon is very dangerous,” said Shalom. “For the first time, a terrorist organization is taking the lead of a country in the Middle East. But more than that,: from now on they will control the army and all the security forces. That government will be authorized by the Iranian regime, and I think that brings instability to the Middle East and to the entire world.”

Shalom added that “Israel is watching the new developments in Lebanon,” but added that he does not think that Hizbullah will take any military actions against Israel at this time. “We all remember what happened in 2006 [during the Second Lebanon War]. A short time after the war ended, [Hizbullah leader] Nasrallah said very clearly: ‘If I had known what the Jews would do, I would have never started a war against Israel.’”

The Vice Prime Minister also reiterated that Israel would not take any measures against Lebanon unless provoked by Lebanon first.

He dismissed the claims by some that Hizbullah is a political party. “Have you heard of a political party in the entire world that has 50,000 missiles and rockets?” said Shalom. “Have you heard of a political party that launches rockets and missiles towards its neighbors? I don’t think that such a political party exists anywhere in the world. That’s why they’re not a political party: They are a terrorist organization that is trying to take the lead in Lebanon by using the democratic system.”

Earlier on Tuesday, the Lebanese parliament gave Hizbullah nominee banker Najib Makati a solid majority of 68-60 to replace caretaker Prime Minister Sa'ad Hariri. While Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah insisted that his organization will not lead the government, the terrorist organization's political party has been increasingly pulling Lebanon's political strings the past several years.