B'Tselem Caught Framing Jewish Youth

Residents of Yitzhar release a film proving that “violent” Jewish youth were attacked first. Leftist cameraman incited Arab attack.

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Maayana Miskin, | updated: 02:18

Riots near Yitzhar
Riots near Yitzhar

A shocking film released by residents of the Samaria town of Yitzhar shows that not only did anti-Zionist groups wrongly accuse Jewish youth of violence, but some actually incited an Arab attack in order to provoke young Jewish men to respond.

The incident shown on film took part near Yitzhar on Monday afternoon. A group of PA Arab men, accompanied by members of various far-left anti-Zionist groups, began attacking a group of young Jews from Yitzhar, hurling large rocks in their direction. Foreign leftists began to film the events.

The Jews responded, and drove the Arab mob away. Their response was captured on film, and the film was later released by several left-wing groups, including B'Tselem – but without footage of the Arab attack that began the clash.

The Samaria Residents Council released a video on Tuesday evening showing that not only did the extreme-left groups cover up the fact that an Arab mob began the violence, but one of the far-left cameramen actually incited the mob to further violence, all while catching the riot on film. 

The cameraman can be seen directing stone-throwers with one hand while filming with the other. At one point, he throws a stone towards Yitzhar himself, all while keeping a hand on the camera.

Members of the Residents Council said Monday's clash was far from an isolated incident. “For almost two years we've been telling anyone who is willing to listen that the vast majority of violent clashes that take place Judea and Samaria were brought about by extreme-left provocation. Their activists create violence on the ground, film it, and then send their heavily-edited videos to the press.” 

They called on police to crack down on provocateurs and remove them from the region.

The government would have new powers to bar entry to Israel of subversives, according to a law proposed in the Knesset, howeve, even if it passes, it addresses only part of the problem.