Egypt Seeks International Help with 'Israeli Spy Ring'

Egypt turns to Interpol to help arrest an “Israeli spy ring,” Arab media reports. No sharks among the suspects this time.

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Maayana Miskin, | updated: 20:46

Egyptian soldier as seen from Israeli side of
Egyptian soldier as seen from Israeli side of
Israel news photo (Flash 90)

Egypt has turned to Interpol for help in arresting suspects in an “Israeli spy ring,” according to the Egyptian daily Al-Shuruk. Egyptian officials have accused two Israelis of being behind the alleged ring.

They accused the Israelis of enlisting Egyptian citizens, including Tarek Abed El-Razek, whose confessions to state security have formed the basis of the allegations against Israel.

Razek has been accused of providing Israelis with information about Egyptian telecommunications workers who could be recruited to spy. Syria has arrested an official in Damascus accused of transferring information to El-Razek, according to the London-based Arabic paper Al-Quds al-Arabi.

Sources in Egypt told the pan-Arab Al-Jazeera network that El-Razek had also implicated Israel in problems with communications cables two years ago. Israel's Mossad was involved in cutting cables in the Mediterranean, he claimed.

Egyptian officials have also alleged that two Israeli and four Egyptians planned attacks on tourists. The six are accused of gathering information on places in the Sinai Peninsula frequented by Chinese and Japanese tourists. Their plan was to briefly kidnap the tourists in order to destabilize the Sinai and hit the tourist industry, Egyptian officials claimed.

According to the Egyptian daily Al-Masry al-Youm, an Israeli officer already kidnapped several foreign tourists in Sinai, brought them to Egypt, and returned them to the Sinai several days later. The tourists were not identified.

Israeli officials have stated that they have no knowledge of the events alleged by Egypt.

Earlier in December Egypt's Governor of Southern Sinai accused Israel of being behind shark attacks on tourists. “We must not discount the possibility that Mossad threw the shark into the sea, in order to attack tourists who are having fun in Sharm al-Sheikh,” said Governor Abed Al-Fadij.