IEC: Brace for High Winds

IEC asks citizens to tie down and fasten solar panels, other objects that may fly in the wind and hit electric cables.

Gil Ronen, | updated: 20:40

Storm clouds (file)
Storm clouds (file)
Israel news photo: Flash 90


The Israel Electric Company is asking the public to prepare for high-speed winds on Sabbath. Citizens are asked to remove or tie down and fasten objects that could come loose and fly in the wind, striking electrical cables. 
These objects include loose window shutters, antennae, laundry racks, container covers, solar panels and rooftop water tanks, flower boxes, flower pots etc.
The IEC said that according to assessments it received from the Meteorological Service, winds will reach up to 100 kph and there will be thunderstorms, heavy rain and snow in elevated places.
In case an electrical cable is torn, the IEC reminds the public that under no circumstances should anyone approach or touch the torn cable.
Any malfunction should be immediately reported to the IEC's hotline at telephone number 103. 
The IEC expects to be able to meet the production needs for Israel during the storm and it has beefed up its hotlines and work crews. However, it said, flooding could hamper workers' ability to reach the sites where they are needed. 

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