Israeli-Arab Arrested for Seeking to Establish Hamas Terror Cell

Arab from Israeli town of Furadis, between Haifa & Zikhron Yaakov, has admitted intending to establish a Hamas terror cell and planning attacks.

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Hillel Fendel, | updated: 14:27

Terrorist army (illustrative)
Terrorist army (illustrative)
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Released for publication: An Arab from the Israeli town of Furadis, between Haifa and Zikhron Yaakov, has admitted intending to establish Hamas terror cell and planning attacks.

Islam Amin Mahmad Mar’i, 26, was arrested a month ago in a joint Shabak-police operation. He was recruited by Ibrahim Kassab, 26, a known Hamas operative from a village near Jericho.

News of the arrest comes just days after the Israel Democracy Institute released a report showing that 86% of the Jewish public believe that critical decisions for Israel should be taken by a Jewish majority, and that 53% maintain that Israel is entitled to encourage Arabs to emigrate.

Mission: Find a Suitable Place for a Terrorist Attack!
Mar’i and Kassab studied together in the Islamic University in Hevron, where they were both members of the school’s Hamas student organization, outlawed by the government. Mar’i told his interrogators that Kassab had asked him to locate crowded areas in Israel appropriate for terrorist bombings, bring a suicide bomber and explosives into Israel, bring raw materials for explosives to areas under PA control, and to recruit Israeli-Arabs for military activity.

Mar’i in fact began to recruit people for a Hamas terrorist gang before his arrest. He then tried to incriminate two others during his interrogation; the Shabak arrested and questioned them, but released them after finding that they were not involved in the plot.

The indictment handed down against Mar’i yesterday in the Haifa District Court attributes to him the crimes of maintaining contact with a foreign agent and aiding the enemy in time of war.