Do Soldiers' Mothers Call the Shots in the IDF?

Among many topics, the "Women and Security" conference dealt with the influence mothers have on the IDF and the way Israel's enemies preceive it

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Yoni Kempinski, | updated: 00:45

Women and Security Conference
Women and Security Conference
Yoni Kempinski

An academic conference on  "Women and Israeli National Security" was held at the Bar-Ilan University on Wednesday. Israel National News TV attended the event and spoke with Dr. Udi Label and Dr. Mordechai Keidar, two participants of the first session of the day which was titled "Women in the Public-Security Discourse in Israel".

In the following video, Keidar and Label speak about the influence of mothers in particular and women's organizations in general on the security discourse in Israel. Dr. Keidar, who monitors Arab media, says that Israel's enemies have defined the influence of mothers on decision making as one of the weaknesses of Israel. Dr. Label determines that "the government has to govern but in  Israeli culture it seems that the civil society enforces itself on the government and not the opposite".