91-Year-Old Bar Mitzvah Boy Tours Old City of Jerusalem

Israel National News meets 91-year-old Eliezer (Hans) De Leeuw, who marked his Bar Mitzvah in Jerusalem 78 years later than expected.

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Yoni Kempinski, | updated: 21:02

Eliezer (Hans) De Leeuw
Eliezer (Hans) De Leeuw
Yoni Kempinski

In the following video, Israel National News TV meets 91-year-old Hans De Leeuw during a special wheelchair tour in the old city of Jerusalem. Hans marked his Bar Mitzvah a few days earlier at the Western Wall (the Kotel) in Jerusalem, 78 years after he turned 13, the age when a Bar Mitzvah is normally commemorated.

INNTV spoke with the Bar Mitzvah boy, who declared at the Kotel event that he should from now on be referred to by his Hebrew name. "No more Hans," he said. "From now on, only Eliezer."

The special tour of the Old City for English-speaking tourists and residents who are restricted to wheelchairs was organized by the OU Israel Center.