'PA Workers Turned Violent'

PA workers hired by the Civil Administration to demolish Jewish homes became violent when young Jews protested, rights group says.

Maayana Miskin, | updated: 11:28

Worker attacks protester in Migron
Worker attacks protester in Migron
Israel news photo

Palestinian Authority workers who were hired by the IDF Civil Administration to destroy Jewish homes turned violent when Jews resisted, according to a complaint filed by the Judea and Samaria Human Rights Organization.

The PA workers were hired to deal with the physical aspects of demolition, primarily taking apart makeshift buildings. However, Human Rights Director Orit Struk said in a letter to Civil Administration head Brigadier-General Yoav Mordechai that the workers did not stop there.

“An initial investigation based on photos and testimony that have reached us shows that as Ramat Migron was cleared out last week, workers hired by the Civil Administration to destroy the buildings exceeded their authority and hit and attacked demonstrators in the area,” Struk wrote.

“This is a very serious incident, and it must not repeat itself,” she continued. “The authority to enforce the law on protesters belongs solely in the hands of the police, and in extreme cases, the military – never in the hands of (PA Arab!) workers.” Struk asked Mordechai to respond and clarify what steps are being taken to prevent the situation from reoccurring.

The Civil Administration has yet to respond to the complaint.

The small community of Ramat Migron near Jerusalem has been demolished in the past, and rebuilt each time.