Wiki Leaks: Hi-Tech Suicide Vest

The Wiki Leaks exposure on the war in Iraq reveals Islamic Jihad and Iran teamed up to design a suicide vest to be detonated by remote control.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, | updated: 04:16

Suicide Vest
Suicide Vest
Israel news photo: Wikimedia Commons

The latest Wiki Leaks exposure on the war in Iraq reveals Islamic Jihad and Iran teamed up for deploying a camera-operated suicide vest that can cause maximum deaths and be detonated by remote control.

Wiki Leaks, which has no connection with Wikimedia, has been charged by American officials of risking the lives of soldiers in Iraq by exposing the documents dealing with war operations.

The leaked material outlines American charges of Iranian backing for anti-Iraqi government terrorist militias. Intelligence information reveals the connection between Iran and the Islamic Jihad, a major competitor to Hamas in Gaza. Cooperation between Islamic Jihad, Al-Qaeda and Iran poses a problem for Hamas, which is held responsible by Israel for all terrorist activity in the Gaza region.

"Instructors at the Islamic Jihad Center in Tehran are teaching a new tactic for SVIED (Suicide Vest Improvised Explosive Device) deployment,” guided by a camera, according to a document quoted by British newspapers.

A miniature camera in the suicide vest monitors the bomber’s movements as he approaches his victims. The images are sent to the terrorist’s handlers, who then can guide the bomber in a direction where his charge can cause the most deaths and damage. The handlers also can detonate the charge by remote control if the suicide bomber fails to do set off the charge or has second thoughts about ending his life.

The leaked files also report that Syria uses the camera in surplus U.S. army uniforms. However, no actual camera-embedded suicide vests have been located.

The DebkaFile news site also reported that its sources confirm the development of a camera-equipped suicide vest, which virtually guarantees that the bomber can hit his or her target, turning him into a “human guided missile.”

Debka said that the Islamic Jihad’s Jerusalem Brigades in Gaza possess the new suicide vest, which now is reportedly in the hands of Al-Qaeda terrorists in Gaza, although no physical proof of the "optical suicide vest" has been revealed.

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