Shoes to be Thrown at Obama Shoe Photo

Protest to be held this evening outside US Embassy in Tel Aviv against the pressure being exerted by the Obama Administration upon PM Netanyahu.

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Hillel Fendel, | updated: 12:32

Obama during phone call to Netanyahu in 2009
Obama during phone call to Netanyahu in 2009
Israel news photo: White House

A protest will be held this at 7 PM evening outside the United States Embassy in Tel Aviv against the undue pressure being exerted by the Obama Administration upon Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Among the attention-arousing gimmicks scheduled for the protest will be the throwing of shoes – a common Moslem protest act – at a cardboard likeness of President Obama.  The specific target will be a large photo of Obama with his feet up on the table, speaking firmly to Netanyahu. “Obama shows us his shoes, we’ll show him our shoes,” the organizers say.

The ten-month freeze on Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria ended without being renewed, and though for nine months the Palestinian Authority did not take advantage of it to enter into negotiations, it now demands a renewed freeze or else it will withdraw from the talks.

Obama has been rumored to have offered Netanyahu various incentives to renew the freeze, and is doing little or nothing to refute the approach that Jewish construction is the major obstacle to the talks.

Hey Obama, This is not the Way Friends Act
Uri Bar’am, spokesman for the Zionist Activism group that is organizing the protest, explained: “Our purpose is to address the American public and Obama directly and say, ‘This is not the way to act.’ They tell us that they are our friends, but Obama’s brutal behavior by forcing us to accept a racist state alongside us created by ethnic cleansing of Judea and Samaria is simply not acceptable to the Israeli public.”

Bar’am emphasized that the Israeli public must work together and cohesively against the common external enemy, and not against Netanyahu. “If our leader gives in to Obama, the public will respond, but now is the time to strengthen Netanyahu and apply the counter-pressure that will allow him to withstand the American pressure,” he said.

Many people mistakenly think, Bar'am said, that the nationalist public has no real say: “The media presents a false, left-wing picture, but it’s time for us to stand up and make our case as well. The Arab leaders say they can’t give up on Jerusalem and the ‘right of return’ because their ‘people won’t let them.’ Well, we can say the same! The Nation of Israel prays three times a day to return to Jerusalem, we remember Jerusalem at every joyous and sad event, we worked to return to Jerusalem, and we are back here! Let’s not forget our bonds with the Land.”

Bar’am said that his organization is a secular group, and that many of its members do not live in Judea and Samaria.